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You Need A Resume That Works

  • Are you unable to focus on or even fathom what is needed to properly prepare and get your resume in front of a hiring manager or job-specific decision maker? 
  • It is mired up in outdated or incorrect formatting and loaded with the “same as everyone else’s” non-transferable plagiarized skill sets. 
  • It is not properly relaying your core competencies, transferable skills, education, current professional training, and job-related project successes / achievements that motivate a prospective employer to interview you.
  • The road to successfully getting your resume to hiring managers or job-specific recruiters has become a maze of newly created obstacles and barriers that can easily have you running around in circles. 
  • Navigating this maze to successfully optimize new employment opportunities requires a High Job Search IQ and the where-for-all to maximize your job change campaign. 
  • You need to understand what job-search strategies are going to work for your personal situation and how to efficiently direct and coordinate this campaign. 

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What We Do

Resume Writing / Editing

  • Professionally handcraft resumes and cover letters for the uniqueness of each job seeker to advance their career. 
  • Incorporate proper "buzz" words, descriptive phrases, and bullet points directed at job-specific criteria. 
  • Accurately relay core competencies, transferable skills, education, professional training, job-related achievements that motivate prospective employers. 

Job Search Planning

  • Provide job-specific research focused on companies with available positions that require your transferable skills and experience. 
  • Implement proven steps and strategies that are personalized around your skill sets to open the door for potential employers. 
  • Directly work with Recruiters and Hiring Managers to supply them with what they are looking for in a prospective new hire. 

Military Transition

  • Professionally prepare your resume package & positioning toolkit (i.e., resume, cover letters, Linkedin presence, etc.) to increase your ability to compete in this ever evolving job market.
  • Develop military specific resume packages that relate professional training, transferrable skills, job-related responsibilities, and military achievements into civilianized job-specific terminology. 
  • Help you to navigate and better understand the complexity of planning and launching your job search campaign. 


  • Pro Resume has been building successful resumes, assisting with client’s job searches and working side-by-side with corporate / independent recruiters for over twenty-five years, and we will be the first to tell you what worked 5 and ten years ago doesn't cut it today in the highly competitive job search arena.  
  • About 90% what you have heard, read and what you used as a resume guideline in the past does not work in today’s E-Resume Market.  
  • A typical medium to large company gets around 100-300 job applicants per position, which are quickly filtered down to a group of 30 pre-qualified applications. After that, 5-7 qualified candidates are then given an initial interview / skill level assessment / aptitude test that filters the group down to 3-5 who get personal interviews --1 gets hired. 
  • It is reported that over 65% of resumes are rejected by Application Testing Systems (ATS) before anyone in Human Resources even looks at it.
  • ADP reported that 46 % of employment, education and/or credential reference checks conducted revealed discrepancies between what the applicant provided and what the source reported.

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For A FREE RESUME CRITIQUE email us your resume at planetresume@aol.com

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