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Expert Resume Preparation

Through over 15 years research & development and practical application of theory not including countless hours of executive time in engaging HR directors, hiring managers, recruiters, and executives to evaluate the Resume Performance Paradigm (sm) ProResume.Biz's proven history for producing resumes that perform at a one-to-one level (one resume submitted, one call for an interview that results in one job offer) is unparalleled.

ProResume.Biz has evaluated and narrowed the success factors that create the Resume Performance Paradigm (sm) and thrown out the superfluous "look at me" language and unacceptable basic formatting methods and replaced them with advanced advertising/marketing arrangement elements.

Our preparation sequence is performance driven. Customers, flood our feedback lines with statements in the arena of, I got a better job and a pay raise.

Recruiters are changing their relationship with ProResume.Biz to an umbilical bond as they have discovered that the Resume Performance Paradigm (sm) of ProResume.Biz (1) increases a recruiters placement ratio, (2) increases the candidate's starting pay/offer and therefore increases each recruiter's annual as well as per-placement income.

Value added is:
- More money and more time for recruiters
- More money and better jobs for job seekers.

There is no more effective way to market yourself as a candidate for employment than through the use of ProResume.Biz's services. Experience the Resume Performance Paradigm.

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