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The $2 Million Resume

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The $2 Million Resume

ProResume.Biz staffs two innovative groups of professionals who have developed perhaps the most complete set of information available regarding why employers choose certain candidates over others.

Over the years we have invested heavily in R&D to develop
- Teams of professional writers
- Teams of layout and design specialists

Not only have we spent more than $2 million to make sure that we know more than anyone about what a resume is and what a resume isn't, but more importantly, we have developed the capability to prepare the best resumes that money can buy.

We have applied these resources to benefit the job seeker.

Furthermore, If you work for 20 more years at $75,000 per year, that's a total of $1.5 million in earned income. How would you like to win a $1.5 million lottery paid out at $75,000 for 20 years? ProResume.Biz has your lottery ticket waiting.

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